Puppy Life Skills Course

under 5 months old


Sit, down

Social skill (do's & don'ts)

problem solving

Wait, stay

Reverse technique for slack lead, Puppy recall,

Noise Therapy,

House training,

Mouthing & chewing,

Puppy choice training in grooming, bathing & health checking. 

Dog Foundations for Juniors & Adults

(over 5 months)


Inside manners & outside manners,

Loose lead training,
Whistle recall,

Food manners,

Jumping up,

Stationing (sit wait & down stay) Calming your dog

Paws Together 1

Enrichment tasks

40 day Course

You get 40 days worth of training to brain train your dog. This can lead to a calmer dog which prevents behavioural problems & takes the guilt off when you have a busy life, giving you lots of ideas to mentally stimulate your dog

For a full list of what's covered visit the store

Paws Together 2 

Obedience tasks

40 day Course

Giving you new ideas to add to your tool belt with your dog in relation to obedience training.

Giving you lots of training advise to help motivate you to train your dog each day. You get 40 days of training, you click on the link each day to complete your task.

For a full list of what's covered go to our store

Walk with me

Loose lead training 10 day challenge

10 days of great methods & tips to get your dog walking on a loose lead, which as a result gives a more enjoyable walk for both of you

Tight leads can lead to reactivity & poor behaviour off lead too so we feel its one of the most important things for your dogs health (pressure on their body) & mental well being

Come when called 20 day challenge

This gives you 20 days of methods, ideas, considerations, tips & ways of enhancing & achieving a first time recall with your dog. If you struggle with your dog running off or after distractions then click here.

Are you fed up of them running off to play with other dogs?

Chasing animals?

Not listening?

This is the course for you

Become the game!

Further Education Course

Next level up from Foundations

27 games of recall & teaching to work

lunge training

Send to station

14 extra lead tips after the Loop technique

Place training

Barrier training

Out training for when your cooking

Boundaries & getting more focus

Brain training (mental stimulation)

Canine Hoopers

Level 1 at home

Learning the foundations of this wonderful dog sport, that you can do at home, giving your dog an outlet to work. Enriching your dogs life mentally & phyically.

Most dogs get behavioural problems due to them feeling 'unemployed' this can turn a bouncy high energy dog or a dog with behavioural issues in to a calmer, more satisfied & focused dog, by giving them the outlet to work

Trick Training Course Level 1

Learn 20 tricks for your dog. there is a help video on each trick for you to watch.

Film & submit 10 of the 20 to us via our Facebook page or email & we will send out a Super Trick Dog Certificate to you.

Great fun & enrichment for you & your dog

Coping with the world

This course is designed for dogs that are reactive when out & about or if you want to set your puppy up for success from the start.

If you want to learn to read your puppies calming signals & aggression warnings. Learn more about off lead play. This course has video's for you watch with breakdowns of dog communication signals & warnings, it then includes methods for dealing with lunging, reactivity & fear



You have access to the course for life!

No time frames do at your own speed

Separation Anxiety Training Course

Learn how to teach your dog a coping mechanism

Teach your dog to be ok to be away from you insight behind a barrier or out of sight when you go out.

Does your dog bark or whine when left?

Does your dog destroy when left

Do you want to know how to teach your puppy to be left?

Then book this course

Obedience Package

This package gives you a discount when booking Dog Foundations & Further Education course 

Puppy Package

This package gives you discount when you are booking Puppy Life Skills & foundation life skills together


on walks course

This course is for dogs that have anxiety out on walks, please note if scared of noise they need Noise desensitisation training too.

This course gives you a methodology for building confidence when on walks & finding a purpose to their walks

Noise Desensitisation

This course shows you how to give sound therapy to your puppy or adult dog.

Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Is your dog jumpy to noise?

Is your dog worried or scared of noises?

Then this is the course for you.

Place & Visitor training

This course teaches:

Dogs to be calm when visitors come in (stopping them jumping in arousal)

Dogs to be not reacting & barking at visitors

Dog to be able to be in place whilst having dinner

Dog to be happier being settled away from you

Reactivity in the House & Garden

Does your dog bark in the garden?

Does your dog bark at the house windows or gates?

Does your dog bark at visitors or knock of door?

Does your dog bark on animals/people on the TV?

This course is designed to take you through the steps.

The video tutorial is of a dog that suffers with reactivity to garden, visitors, windows & TV. It takes you through each step of the training process.

Resource Guarding (teach your dog to share)

Does your dog growl, bark over bones or be funny with others when they have something. This is the course for you. With a help video & notes, it will show you how to teach it step by step. The dog on the video is a food aggressive dog with a bite history so you can see each step of the progress. You may have a puppy thats showing protective behaviour or an adult dog warning or being aggressive. This course was designed by myself with 20 years of training experience

Canine Hoopers

Level 2 at home

This is advancing your dog from Level 1 & giving you picture course layout for more complicated courses & introducing front & rear cross overs.

An enriching dog sport that is low impact any breed of dog can do it & any age, it gives your dog a job.

You need to have done Level 1 before doing level 2

Barking in the car

Does your dog bark in the car whilst you are travelling? 

There are many reasons why this can occur.

This course goes through the triggers of why this behaviour occurs then breaks each behaviour down on how to train or what to impliment.

Kids training dogs level 1

Home schooling with the help of your dog,

Methods include:

Kibble flick game (impulse control)

Stay at my heel

Under training


Treasure hunt

1,2,3 game

Brain training for your dog course

Mental stimulation & activities you can do with your dog, it has 10 Brain training games to teach your dog keeping them busy, calmer & more enriched

It involves the following methods:

Breath easy

Check in with me

Treasure hunt

Scent work

Calm on cue

Object discrimination

Colour Targeting

Nose indicator

Red light / Green light game

At home Library Membership

These are Live classes that are recorded so the trainer demonstrates then you pause video & you have a go.  Classes vary from recall, loose lead walking, tricks & more.

A great way to motivate you to train at home.

More information on the class library page website

click here for info

Membership is for 1 month, its £25 for first month then £15 per month after that. New classes get loaded each month

One to One  Behavioural assessment

This One to one session would be ran over Zoom meetings, I send you an email with password & website link & then we talk over webcam at a time to be convenient to you. I then go through your issue with you, then I can talk you through methodologies 

If I can give advice over webcam without any regime I will do if it needs a thought out plan of action then we will design a online video tutorial if we havent got one designed already to get you through the issue you have with your dog

Jumping Up Prevention Training

Instructor Tracy talks you through all the triggers that cause jumping up behaviour, how to redirect the behaviour to a more socially acceptable greeting. How to create incompatible behaviours, teach a default sit. Owner Distancing Technique to teach your dog 'off' cue, management when out & about off lead & on lead walking past people in the street.

Paws Together 3 

Impulse control tasks

40 day

40 days of impulse control activities, work your way through them at your own pace.

Looking at their impulse creates a calmer dog as a result, one that control their instincts & makes good decisions.

For a full list of what's covered go to our store

Soap Suds Course

Bathing dogs, health checking, nail trimming & brushing your dog can be difficult if they try to bite the brush, they wriggle away or they show aggression towards you, this course is here to help…

Giving your dog 2 methods of choice when bathing, trimming, health care & brushing.

Lots of tips, video tutorials, how to read your dogs calming signals & aggression warning signs.

Paws Together packages

This includes Paws Together Challenges 1, 2 & 3. 

When you buy them altogether you save £20

In the shop this package is under packages

Canine Hoopers


Canine Hoopers

Level 3 at home

This course introduces the Tango Mat, teaching you how to add distance to your handling.

More complex maps for working at home with your Hoopers.

You don't need to invest in more equipment than you had in level 2. Tango mat can be made from things you have round the house & I will show you. 

We now have a package for all 3 levels in the shop or level 2 & 3 under packages

One to One Puppy & Adult sessions over zoom

One to One puppy session £40

One to One Adult session £50

These only cover obedience based issues not behavioural, you would need a behavioural assessment otherwise.

These sessions are held over Zoom. I send you a Meeting ID & a password, you don't need to sign up you just go to link in email & click on at the time we arrange over LIVE chat or email

Agility at home Course

This course is not just for beginners, its for any one, I will start at more basic & then move up to more advanced work! It includes maps of courses for people that have attended classes & has tips for any beginners along the way.

You don't need to invest in expensive equipment, Tracy has spent hours finding cheaper alternatives or household objects you can use instead.

Obedience Courses

Enrichment Courses

Dog Sport at home

At home Class Library & Zoom One to Ones

Behavioural Training

Slideshow of Dog School Live online dog training pics

More Please

Canine Games Course

40 games for your dog to help enhance focus on you, reduce distractions, create a calmer dog, improves recall, gives your dog focus, enhances bond & is extremely fun for your dog.

Attention Seeker Course


This course is for dogs that bark in your face, are demanding you give them attention or give them what they want.

Are you fed up of your dog barking at you then this course is for you.

Video tutorials & notes with live chat to assist you through your training.

This is where 'At Home' Classes log in to view their classes see LIVE CLASSES above for details

10 steps to Calm


Teaching you in 10 steps you do each day for 4 weeks to create a calmer dog, more focus & they then find easier to learn. Improve your dogs behaviour & join the 4 week challenge.