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Janice Bardsley It’s going really well with Lily. I have the challenges up on my wall ( how sad am I ) and I make sure I do at least 5 per day. Lily is very hyper and I am trying to calm her but it’s difficult. I am up to 30mins now for leaving her. 🐾

Lynn Seddon I’m loving it 👍😁 the daily challenges keep me motivated. I find Luna can get confused so the ‘5 rule and behaviour modification and shaping’ was perfect timing. Janice Bardsley not sad at all I have a sheet that I ✅ 🤣🤣

Lisa Brooke My chart is on my fridge next to my last 40 day challenge chart which I revisit all the time. These courses are really settling Stevie and keeping him motivated. He hasn’t used his food bowl since the first 40 day challenge course and I’m always looking for new things I can use.

Lisa Brooke- Stevie now sits at every road without being asked.
We have worked so hard with this one as I couldn’t even go upstairs without him making so much noise. Now he doesn’t even get up when I leave the room and he settles a lot better when he is at different places. Fingers crossed that shows when he is in school 

Don't want to jinx this but look at Eris (she sent a pic too), in a pub near a dog and she's just chilling! Weve done our 'looks' & now we're nice & settled. What a great start. Fingers crossed, thank you Vickie xx

Janice Bardsley I am really enjoying it . It’s took over my life lol

Mel Wright Hattie’s really taken to her raised bed training, she’s made herself really comfortable while I’m cooking and has even let us ring the doorbell and open the front door without moving...

Chris Carey I like the fact that there is something new each day with the Paws in hand 40 day challenges. The more we practice each day, the quicker Finn picks up the next task. He is a lot calmer than he has been. Although still very excitable around food rewards. His impulse control is much better.

Janice Bardsley Lily and I have fun each day with different things . I am making a list everyday of each activity so that I can go back to them . Lily is doing well with door manners & food manners. I haven’t done the elevated bed yet for impulse control . I hope there will be a Paws in Hand 3 x

Joanne Pinney- Shadow and i have both really enjoyed it, its really freshened up her routine & we stil have lots to work on. I think it has really strengthened our bond too.

Elaine Swainson- Really enjoyed doing the paws in hand 40 day challenges with Molly, She loves doing them. Definately improved our time spent together & her walks.

Karen McNicholl- Betty & I have really enjoyed doing most of the challenges i've had to adapt some to fit in with my limitations but betty lives learning, thanks very much Tracey xxx

Lisa Moat- We've really enjoyed it, I have learnt so much & poppy is a lot calmer. Still catching up on the challenges due to holidays. I would definitely recommend..

Heather Henshaw- Huge difference with my three, they used to be picky depsite hand feeding, now they get so excited for the games

Jo Rose- Yup totally works, Rowan so much more chilled now

Lisa McManas- Barney and I have completed both the 40 day Enrichment and Obedience training, great ideas and fun to do. We can highly recommend and look forward to No.3, thanks Tracy x

Glenda Hewitt- If you would like your dog to be happy, fulfilled, enriched this is the best training lady with so much knowledge to help you and your dog enjoy training. My dogs love the training and I have learnt so much I’m a very happy dog owner. Tracy is an amazing, excellent trainer and always there to help you with your training I would never go anywhere else. I am a client of Tracy’s and this is a true statement which reflects how I found the training.

Joanne Pinney- I have done both paws in hand 40 day challenges with my young and very energetic labrador, Shadow. We have really enjoyed them and all the enrichment and training ideas are very useful at the moment for keeping Shadow and calm and her mind active while we're on lockdown.

Beth Cook- Recently did one of Tracy's online courses and loved it! I did a puppy package of young pups & foundations and it has really helped me with our puppy and young family. Pup has become more obedient and this way of training suits my busy lifestyle. Loved the live chat with Tracy, she was able to answer any questions I had really quickly. Highly recommend.

Chris Carey- Being able to practice everything at home and refer back constantly to check is great for me. Also Tracy is there for advice and tips... and motivation. I love it 👍

Jessica Louise Wells -Lucy and my new rescue Grendel have come on incredibly since using ‘Dog School Like’ my dogs have always been regulars training with Tracy. My 7 year old cav has been really reactive since moving to a new area and my new rescue was incredibly timid. My dogs have come on leaps and bounds! I love that tracy and I can train the dogs remotely - it also motivates me massively to try new training activities. I cannot recommend Tracy and ‘Dog School Live’ highly enough!! Xxx