A calming supplement for dogs designed by our trainer Tracy Winterton.

This calming supplement helps dogs lower excitability, allowing them to focus & learn quicker. It also helps dogs with anxiety, reactivity, fears & travel sickness too. It has natural flea & tick ingredients in the product too. Lowers arousal & reactivity.

This supplement compliments our 10 steps to calm programme. To purchase the supplement click here.

More information

It is 100g pot, (50 serving when based on an average sized dog of 20kg). It has ingredients as below:

Calming ingredients: Chamomile, L-theanine, Valarian Root, Tryptophan, Passiflora & Lemon Balm


Crude Protein 43.7 g/100g

Ash 3.8 g/100g

Total Fat 1.6 g/100g

Crude Fibre 2.9 g/100g

We also have stomach stabilises, assisting with gut function, when a dog is not feeling well this can effect their behaviour, making them not be able to focus & learn. Lowering motivation so gut health is paramount when you want a well trained dog.

The stomach stabilises in this product are Ginger extract, L-glutamic & Taurine. There is also Brewers Yeast in their to assist in giving a shiny coat & good brain function.

Even thought there is a natural flea & wormer in there, it is your choice whether to use a medicated version as this is a natural ingredient it won't be as strong but my dogs have not been on their flea & tick treatment since supplement & I haven't had any fleas or ticks & they socialise wth 200 dogs a week minimum at my in person Dog School.

You just add the dosage below scattered on top of a licky mat with your desired wet food on there.

0-10kg 1/2 teaspoon per day

10-20kg 1 x level teaspoon per day

20-40kg 2 x level teaspoons per day

40kg plus 2.5 teaspoons per day

This product has been trailed on Tracy's own 3 pet dogs & clients dogs & showing outstanding results, for 6 months before Manufacture, Its been manufactured & tested by The Oxford Health Company Ltd.


Kate March (Reddish, Cheshire)

Can't believe it! What a difference in just under a week. I am doing the 10 steps to calm alongside Tracy's supplement. My dogs love the taste & the main effect i saw on the supplement was that my dogs were not as alert by distractions & not doing the mad half hour anymore. They seemed calmer on walks & much more obedient when i needed them.

Susan Wild

I really can't thank you enough Tracy, 10 days into my supplement & I am seeing such an amazing change in my dog Albert. He was so reactive at everything & not responsive to me when I am out & about. I have downloading your reactivity at home & the 10 steps to calm to go with the supplement & I am so surprised at the results. One very happy owner & you have just made my life easier with my dog.

Laura Hayes

Wow, wow, wow my loony cocker spaniel has calmed down, sleeping more, more responsive when I'm out & about, he is much calmer in dog interactions, i can't thank you enough.

Adam Barnes

I brought this product as my wife follows Dog School Live & loves the online learning & wanted to try this supplement. I was dubious at first but can't believe the results. Our dog is so much calmer, much more of a pleasure, less barking & much focus on us, fast & easy to order, Tracy was so helpful via email too to support our additional questions.


£30 per pot (we do bulk buys to gain discount too) 

We recommend application of the supplement to be on a licky mat to induce calming effect for full results & given before 11am in a morning. You can purchase a licky mat with your product on below link...

Video of recommended application of supplement, watch video below